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TfNSW Concrete Grey Card

TfNSW ensures concrete placement crew carrying out work on bridges and rigid pavements achieve minimum competency through the Concrete Grey Card Program.

Currently concrete placement competency is required in the following TfNSW specifications:
  1. TS 01733 (formally B80) Concrete work for Bridges
  2. TS 03270 (formerly R82) Lean Mix Concrete Subbase
  3. TS 03271 (formerly R83) Concrete Pavement Base
The concrete placement competency is achieved by completing a Concrete Grey Card Training from one of the TfNSW Training Partners.
The Concrete Grey Card Training is delivered in two streams, namely:
  1. Concrete Grey Card for Bridgeworks (CGC-BW)
  2. Concrete Grey Card for Rigid Pavements (CGC-RP)
For more information, please visit the TfNSW Concrete Grey Card (CGC) web page.

Providing assurance to the concreting industry

Improving concreting placement quality to achieve more durable, lower maintenance assets.

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